My teacher told me to focus in class because I would ‘never be a successful footballer’, but this Tuesday Night Powerleague trophy proves otherwise

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A man has today sent a photo of him holding a Powerleague trophy to a teacher who told him over fifteen years ago that his aim of being a successful footballer was nothing more a pipe dream.

Simon Williams, 32, was far from a good student, telling any teacher who would listen that he would be a premier league footballer, so learning about quadratic equations and photosynthesis was pointless.

Williams told us, “Yes, admittedly, I hadn’t been picked up by any academy by the time I was 15, and I was still playing for a local U17 club side when I sat my GCSEs, but I wasn’t going to listen to those boring teachers tell me to ignore my dreams.

“They repeatedly said I would never be a successful footballer, and that I should focus on my studies to ensure I got good enough exam results to keep my options open as I got older – well, who’s laughing now?

“I sent a picture of this trophy to Mr Matthews, my old Maths teacher, and I’ll bet he’s feeling like a right idiot about now.

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“Tuesday night league WINNERS baby! That’s across 10 weeks as well; not one of the shorter-form leagues, so it’s the best kind of Powerleague title you can win.

“I hope this is a life lesson to kids everywhere, don’t listen to your teachers. Follow your dreams, because I’m proof they CAN come true.”

Mr Matthews was approached for comment, but only told us, “Who?”

Williams insisted he won’t let the victory go to his head, and plans to return to his warehouse job on Monday morning as usual.

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