Roy Keane to join The Apprentice

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Roy Keane is set to join The Apprentice, it has been revealed today.

With news emerging earlier that fellow ex-footballer and pundit Gary Neville will join Dragons Den for the 2024 series, further news has now emerged that Roy Keane will also be acting as a judge on business-related reality TV show by joining the forthcoming series of The Apprentice.

A spokesperson for Keane confirmed, “He’s perfect for the role.

“Largely because he generally hates people, particularly those who talk the talk but can’t walk the walk, and will waste absolutely no time at all in telling them, regardless of what they do.

“Obviously much of what the contestants will be doing on the show will be considered ‘their job’, and Roy really hates it when people don’t do their job properly, so this will be priceless.

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“He also hates cry babies, people who just look after themselves ahead of everyone else, and flash, cocky, arrogant people who don’t like getting involved in physical altercations, which is almost everyone on the show.

“We just hope he can put up with the other judges, and that they don’t annoy him too much with some of the utter shite that they spew out.

“But then again, he’s managed to work with Micah Richards for a while now.”

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