‘The water might have gone cold’ insists man re-boiling kettle after 15 seconds spent looking for a cup

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A man has insisted today that he needed to re-boil his kettle just 15 seconds after boiling it, because the water might have gone too cold for his tea while he was getting a cup out of the cupboard.

Simon Williams, who usually boils the kettle three times, just in case the water is not properly boiling, revealed his reason earlier whilst filling up his mug with boiling water from the kettle, which had just finished boiling half a second ago.

Speaking earlier, he told us, “It might have cooled down too much.

“The temperature could have dropped quite a lot in the fifteen seconds since I last boiled the kettle, so I had to flick it on again, just to ensure it was really boiling.

“I like to have a nice hot cup of tea, and also like paying extremely high electricity bills, and not giving a shit about the environment and using unnecessary energy.

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“That’s why I usually fill my kettle about halfway, even when I am only having one cup of tea.

“And then I like to re-boil it almost right away, just in case it has cooled down by a tiny fraction of a degree in the few seconds it has taken me to get a cup and some milk out, and possibly to find a spoon.

“That reminds me, I better still the oven on to pre-heat, I’ve got some food to cook in two hours.”