Lifelong Churnups fan fuming as Foo Fighters steal Glastonbury headline slot

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A lifelong Churnups fan has returned from Glastonbury absolutely fuming after American Rockers The Foo Fighter appeared on stage instead of them and STOLE their headlining slot at Glastonbury.

Simon Williams, who has been listening to The Churnups for as long as he can remember, revealed his disappointment earlier after telling us he pushed his way to the front of the Pyramid stage just in time to see his idols, before Dave F**king Grohl ended up walking on stage instead.

Speaking this morning, he raged, “The f**king Foo Fighters! Where the f**k were the Churnups?!

“It was an absolute piss take; they were clearly on the line-up, I saw it with my own eyes, and then they go and get a stand-in.  It’s a joke, and I was fuming.

“I fought my way to the front of the stage, and had to piss in a cup three times before they came on.

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“But that’s how much I love the Churnups, and then we got the pissing Foo Fighters instead!”

Asked what his favourite Churnups song is, we were told, “That one…. ‘I get knocked down, and I get up aga…  oh shit – I’m thinking of Chumbawumba.”