Boy caught trying Dad’s e-cigarette forced to vape entire cartridge

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14-year-old Jake Williams has been forced to vape the entire cartridge after his father caught him trying his e-cigarette.

Williams was said to be curious after the cool kids at school were seen vaping behind the bike sheds.

He told us, “My Dad’s got one, and I didn’t think he’d notice, so I took it into the shed at the bottom of the garden to give it a go.

“I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like the taste, it’s pretty disgusting, but when my Dad heard me coughing he went ape-shit.

“I’ve never seen him so angry; then he said he was going to ‘teach me a lesson’.”

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Jake’s dad Simon spoke of his disappointment at his son’s actions.

He told us, “Look, his mother and I have told him that vaping is bad, and to do as I say, not as I do – but clearly he thinks he knows better than his Dad.

“So I did precisely what my Dad did to me, I made him finish the whole thing. Every last drop of liquid inside that cartridge.

“It took him just over 45 minutes, and he was sick twice, but I really don’t think he’ll be vaping again anytime soon.

“I mean, after the incident with my Dad, I was a 20-a-day man by the time I was 17, but that’s not the point.”

Jake said he had definitely learned his lesson.

He added, “Yeah, it was pretty horrible.

“That said, I couldn’t have a quick go on yours, could I?”