Prince William to end homelessness by letting homeless people sleep in a few of his dad’s houses

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Prince William has vowed to end homelessness in the UK, by allowing all the homeless people to sleep in a few of his dad’s massive houses.

The Prince of Wales, who has launched a five-year campaign to deal with the problem, has revealed today that the issue could actually be fixed as early as next week as soon as he speaks to his dad and get hold of some spare keys.

Speaking earlier, he told us, “You. Are. Welcome.

“I have decided to end homelessness in the UK and provide the 300,000 people currently homeless in the UK with somewhere to live.

“I just need to go and pick up the keys to a few of Daddy’s really really really big houses that he never actually stays in and doesn’t really need, and we’re sorted.

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“Obviously this could take time, and this is not an overnight fix.  It might take until Friday, to be honest, or maybe even early next week, as there are a lot of vacant properties to deal with.

“And we will need to get some staff in to give them a quick clean and get rid of any dust, and maybe change the bedding on the massive four poster beds.

“But we should be sorted soon, and you can all thank me later.”

Asked if he is going to ask his Father’s permission to fill most of his houses with homeless people, we were told, “He won’t notice. Just keep it under your hat.”

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