Man gets ‘one last squeeze’ out of toothpaste tube for the 37th consecutive day

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A man has managed to get one last squeeze out of his empty tube of toothpaste this morning, for the 37th consecutive day.

Simon Williams, who was about to throw the empty tube away last month, rolled up the bottom again this morning and somehow managed to get another large blob of toothpaste from the tube despite there clearly being nothing left whatsoever.

Speaking earlier, he told us, “Where the f**k is it still coming from?

“I finished off the toothpaste back in May, and I was about to throw it away because I had squeezed everything out of it the night before, and there was clearly nothing left.

“Then I thought I would just try one last squeeze, and pushed everything up from the bottom again, like I had already done previously, and out came some more toothpaste.

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“I did the same again for the next two weeks, and the thing just won’t give up, it’s like Mary Poppins handbag – I don’t know where it’s coming from.

“I thought I had finally cracked it last week when there was only a tiny bit left when I was going to bed in the evening, but then when I rolled the whole tube from the bottom in the morning, it came flooding out again.

“It’s starting to do my head in now to be honest, I just want to start a fresh new tube.”

Asked why he doesn’t just throw it away now and open his brand new tube we were told, “There’s still some in that. Are you mad?”