Poundland to be renamed ‘Tennerland’

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Poundland is to be renamed Tennerland it has been revealed today, due to the continuing high inflation in the UK.

With prices over the last year having risen at the fastest rate in forty years, popular bargain retailer Poundland has confirmed that it needs to rename its shops ‘Tennerland’ with immediate effect, as that is now the cost of the cheapest thing in the store. 

Store manager Simon Williams from Tennerland in Oldham confirmed, “Yes everything is ten quid now; there’s nothing we can do about it. That’s inflation for you.

“I’m afraid calling the shop Poundland really doesn’t work anymore, and it’s misleading to our customers, because you can’t get anything for a pound – not any more.

“Can of Iron Bru? Tenner. Washing up liquid? Tenner. Crisps? Tenner. Shampoo? Actually, that’s seven quid now. Packet of custard cremes? Tenner mate, sorry.

“Although, to be fair, the custard cremes have two smaller packets in it, so it’s not a bad deal to be honest, in this day and age.

“We did consider calling the store ‘Fiverland’ last week as prices continued to rise, but we could only sell things at a fiver for a few days before we had to increase the prices again.

“We have also bought new wipeable store signs for outside the store as well to save us buying more, just in case we need to change the name of the shop again next week.

“To ‘Fiftypoundland’ or ‘Tonland’ or something.”