‘I’ll fight the winner’ says British tech giant Baron Sugar

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Britain’s most famous technology entrepreneur is willing to step into the Octagon to face the winner of Mark Zuckerberg vs Elon Musk.

Sir Alan Sugar, 76, said he was ideally placed to take on the heads of Twitter and Facebook, given his immense success in the technology industry with Amstrad.

“If the biggest technology entrepreneurs are facing off to decide who is the best, then I want to be part of that,” explained Sugar.

“I was almost forty years old when Mark Zuckerberg was born, so I have the huge benefit of experience. And Elon Musk might have been one of the founders of Paypal, but I invented the Amstrad Emailer, so who is the real genius?

“I’ve also made a pretty decent career out of taking ideas from the US and pretending they’re mine, so this is perfect.

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“And look, if it seems like it might be a bit rough for someone of my advancing years, I’ll just send Karen in to kick their arses.”

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