‘I was going to have that one’ insists man losing money on every race at Ascot

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A man who has lost money betting on every race at Ascot today has insisted that he actually almost chose the winner, in every race as Ascot today.

Simon Williams, who is currently seventy pounds down in his betting insisted he ‘was going to back’ the winner earlier after watching the horse that actually put money on come in third from last.

Speaking earlier, he told us, “Oooooh, that’s really unlucky; I was going to have that one.

“I definitely looked at it when I was deciding who to bet on earlier and seriously considered betting on it, along with another 7 or 8 horses in the same race.

“Then I opted to put a tenner on the nose for the one that came in 5th, which is really unlucky actually because I was going to back the winner, definitely.

“The same thing happened in the Gold Cup too, I definitely looked at the winner, but decided to go with Nate the Great instead, which lost.  But I was going to have the winner on that one too.  So unlucky.

“Can you get some money back for that?  If you seriously considered betting on it?”

Asked who he is considering betting on in the last race of the day, we were told, “Ooooh, definitely the favourite Biggles.  Or maybe Unforgotten, actually, yes I’ll have that.  No, I think Kingdom Come will romp home actually… No, wait…”