Lee Anderson praises Suella Braverman for trying to arrange more lenient punishments for biological women drivers caught speeding

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30p Lee Anderson has praised Home Secretary Suella Braverman for trying to ensure biological women are safe when attending speed awareness courses.

Anderson, who has gone on record about his party’s need to turn absolutely everything into a culture war issue ahead of the next election, was said to be delighted after finding a way to turn Braverman’s current ethics issue into a trans issue.

He told reporters, “Did you know the speeding awareness course would have men in it? Where are all the safe spaces for women these days? This woke nonsense has to stop, and I, for one, praise Suella for her attempts to make it safer for biological women who are caught speeding.

“If it were up to the wokerati trans lobby, she would have had to attend a ‘multi-sex’ speed awareness course, no doubt filled with all sorts of pronouns.

“Suella has bravely fought back against the wokerati, and she deserves immense credit – even more so because she was willing to be a guinea pig for this new punishment, despite knowing it would have brought forth the ire of the trans wokerati.

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“All the worst speeding offences are committed by trans people anyway.

“She is a hero. End of.”