Brexiter remains convinced his very specific version of Brexit is what the government is obliged to deliver

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After the government scrapped its plan for thousands of EU-era laws to expire automatically at the end of the year, deluded Brexiters everywhere have insisted this is not the very specific version of Brexit they voted for.

Brexit voters across the country have confirmed that they believe their personal interpretation of Brexit is exactly what the government is obliged to deliver, and is exactly what everyone else who voted Leave also wants.

Speaking earlier today, Derek Matthews, a 65-year-old retired Buy to Let landlord, and self-appointed EU expert, from Hull, shouted and pointed, “Traitorous Remoaners constantly tell us we didn’t know what we voted for, but it was clear on the ballot paper, we voted out!

“Every patriot in the country knows that voting Leave meant all the EU laws had to expire on 31st December 2023, plus all of the other very specific things that I have in my mind right now, like sending them all back.

“Any going against the will of the people, in other words, my will, is an act of outright treachery.”

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Meanwhile, non-morons have sat back and pointed out that people voting for a poorly-defined nebulous concept like ‘Brexit’ was always going to leave millions of people disappointed with the outcome.

Simon Williams told us, “If you’re the sort of person who can be persuaded by a message on a bus, then I expect this move to keep EU laws for a bit longer is just the latest in a long line of personal and professional disappointments.

“The Brexits that people voted for are like snowflakes. No two are exactly the same. And much like snowflakes, when they don’t get their very specific version, Brexiters throw a tantrum.”