The Archbishop of Canterbury should stop telling everyone what Jesus said about the vulnerable, insist Tory Christians trying to convince themselves Jesus revelled in demonising the vulnerable

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What Jesus did or did not say about vulnerable people is entirely irrelevant, according to Tories today who hate the way the Archbishop of Canterbury has held a mirror up to their values.

As Justin Welby criticised the immigration Bill for its clear anti-Christian values, many Conservative commentators have reacted precisely the way you would expect real Christians to act when someone shows their position to be thoroughly anti-Christian – by trying to crucify the messenger.

Tory backbencher Simon Williams told us, “Justin Welby needs to shut up about our attempts to deport asylum seekers even before we’ve processed their claims by pretending that merely arriving to claim asylum is ‘illegal’.

“He needs to shut up now. How we treat these people is a thread we really shouldn’t pick at. If we look any more closely at what Jesus said about healing the sick, feeding the poor and helping the vulnerable, then we’ll be left with no choice but to admit we are the bad guys.

“And no one wants that, certainly not me, so it’s much better just to tell Welby to keep his woke mouth shut. Because if his mouth is shut, then I don’t have to listen to him, and then I can’t hear the logical points he makes criticising my position, which makes my brain go a bit hurty.

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