Andy Robertson released from intensive care

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Liverpool defender Andy Robertson has been released from intensive care this morning after almost losing his life in a brutal assault at Anfield.

Robertson, who was almost murdered by a linesman during Sunday’s game, was finally taken off life support earlier today after just about escaping with his life following the half-time incident. 

A spokesperson for Liverpool FC confirmed, “Yes, he’s very lucky to be alive.”

“We are relieved to confirm that Andy Robertson is now breathing unaided following Sunday’s brutal attack. 

“We can also confirm that he is definitely not a baby and actually nearly died. 

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“We just hope he can continue his rehabilitation and hopefully get his life back together after what was a truly despicable and unprovoked attack.”

Asked how long it could be before he could think about returning to training, we were told, “Yeah he’ll be playing against Leeds next Monday. If he stops crying.”