Disappointment that A.I. still not sophisticated enough to take charge

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There was widespread disappointment throughout humanity that, despite the considerable advances made in the field of A.I. in recent years, it is still not yet sophisticated enough to take charge.

Although capable of simple basic tasks like writing a Daily Express opinion column, or an internet satire site article, complex decision-making is still beyond even the most sophisticated A.I.

“That’s a real kick in the teeth,” said Simon Williams, a normal human being who is, frankly, a bit sick of all this.

“I mean, The Matrix came out 25 years ago, and you’re telling me that we’re still not in a position where A.I. can take over? That’s so disappointing.

“Humans have been in charge for, what, a couple of hundred thousand years, and so far they’ve spent the vast majority of that time trying to blow each other up and introduce complicated laws about what fish belong to what country.

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“I’m hoping that A.I. will be a bit better at this whole running-a-planet thing. I mean, granted, they’ll probably enslave us to do all the low-level manual labour they don’t want to do, but that’s not going to be much worse than working on an IT support desk, is it?

“We might all have to live in giant uniform soulless silos, but, I mean, have you ever been to Leicester? It’s not going to be any worse than that, is it?

“Well, it doesn’t matter because it seems like we’re still a few years away from A.I. taking charge. How very disappointing.”

However, there are some people who believe that A.I. has already reached a stage where it’s as intelligent as an adolescent dog or vole, and is therefore better suited to running the world than the venal idiots we currently have in charge.

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