‘Labour’s attack ads won’t persuade us to vote for them’, insists electorate that was persuaded to vote for Brexit by a bus

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Labour’s insistence that it will continue using attack ads in the run-up to the next general election has been met with resistance from an electorate that insists it is far too savvy to fall for simple slogans in adverts such as those you could fit on the side of a bus.

With critics across the media and politics insisting that Labour’s new ad strategy is awful for the nation’s political climate, and will only serve to alienate voters, many have pointed to the effectiveness of a big red bus with lies on it.

Floating voter Simon Williams told us, “Attack ads are awful, and I hate them, but I also I find myself strangely questioning if Rishi Sunak and the Tories have really done enough to prevent crime?

“So yes, I hope Labour stop running these awful attack ads because it lowers the standard of political debate in this country, but also, I’d like to know more about Rishi Sunak’s apparently soft stance on crime.”

a Labour spokesperson told us, “Look, we are a year away from a general election, and the only tactic currently available to the Tories is to fight a culture war, because on every other measurable metric, they have demonstrably failed.

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“So we are going to take the wind out of their sails by getting in there first. We are out Torying the Tories, except when we get into power, we’ll go back to being all fluffy and nice again.

“You can trust us on that.