Man talking loudly to his Ring Doorbell app in public given whole life term

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A man who was talking really loudly to his Ring Doorbell app on his phone has quite rightly been given a whole life term to be served in a maximum security prison. 

Simon Williams, who “has a new Ring doorbell you know”, was given the sentence earlier after talking really loudly in a restaurant to someone who came to his door after making everyone else check their phones when the notification first came through.

Speaking earlier, he told us, “I think the sentence is a bit harsh, to be fair.

“The thing is, I’ve got a new Ring doorbell, you know, so you can actually talk to people who come to your door whilst you are out, and everyone else can listen.

“Obviously you need to have your phone on quite loud to start with, so everyone else can hear the doorbell ringing on your phone.

“Then you just need to start shouting into your phone at the person ringing it, telling them that you are not in right now.

“People love it, and they definitely want to listen to you for about five minutes whilst you repeatedly instruct a Hermes driver to leave a package in your cardboard bin.”

Asked if he thinks it’s annoying when someone else does it, we were told, “Sooo annoying. They should be put to death.”