BBC axes Rastamouse after “make a bad ting good” declared a partisan attack against Lee Anderson

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Rastamouse is the latest star to fall foul of the BBC’s hard-line around impartiality, as the reggae singing sleuth’s attempts to rehabilitate cheese thieves have been seen as an implicit criticism of the Tories’ renewed fondness for hanging.

Simon Williams, the BBC’s recently appointed Director of Spinelessly Relaying Orders From CCHQ, explained that although many saw Rastamouse as a simple children’s cartoon, its messages of inclusivity, diversity and redemption were no longer acceptable.

He explained, “Our former conservative candidate and Tory donor director has insisted the BBC has to follow the strictest guidelines surrounding political neutrality. We can’t give the impression that we condemn or condone any policy suggestions from the government. Well, especially condemning them.

“If Rastamouse wants to stick to catching Cheddar snatchers, that’s fine. But suggesting that getting a Stilton stealer to understand the wrong of his actions and help out their victims is a clear attack on the Conservative party’s deputy chairman’s brilliant policy of killing people he considers undesirable.”

However, Mr Williams did say that the channel was open to discussion and had suggestions that could see Da Easy Crew back on the airwaves.

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He went on, “Perhaps a small change in tack and inviting a guest star could solve this problem.

“Rastamouse could catch some cheese bandits as usual, but then he would string them up to the nearest tree before singing a song about how poor people are just lazy while getting a double thumbs-up from a potato-headed racist c**t who represents Ashfield.”

I agree with Gary – get your mug here!