Man ‘pimping up’ meals actually just adding chilli flakes

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A man who claims he is using transformational ‘food hacks’ to pimp up all of his meals is actually just modifying a standard recipe in a really small and boring way, it has been revealed.

Simon Williams, 36, posted on Instagram that he had done some ‘serious pimping’ on his regular lunchtime pasta with tomato sauce, when in reality, he had just sprinkled on some dried chilli flakes just before he served it up.

Williams said he had also ‘supercharged to the max’ his everyday lunchtime chicken sandwich, which apparently involved adding a couple of pieces of limp lettuce.

“Been batch cooking like a pro today,” stated Williams in a Facebook post. “I’ve given this spaghetti Bolognese sauce a beasting, pimping it to within an inch of its life to offer a real 21st-century twist on this Italian classic.

“Yep, that’s right, I added a spoon of Marmite.”

Williams has confirmed that he will now make further ‘cheeky tweaks’ to his other meals, including adding grated cheese and butter to a couple of jacket potatoes to “pimp them into the ultimate loaded skins”.