Utter pricks now just calling themselves ‘disruptors’

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A recent study by the University of Croydon’s sociology department has revealed that Britain’s attention-seeking twats have stopped claiming they ‘just having a laugh’ and now maintain they are ‘disruptors’.

Professor Amanda Tinnock explained that the shift demonstrated an exciting development in the way irritating wankers saw themselves.

She explained, “For over three decades, average British bell-ends have claimed that their annoying need to aggravate anyone trying to have a conversation near them was just a result of their jovial side.

“But now, the most tedious f**kwits claim that their endless quest to validate their pointless existence by getting a rise out of people comes from a desire to ‘shake up the status quo’.

“This is a key evolutionary moment in the self-perception of annoying dickheads.”

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Linguists believe the fashionable term emerged 10 years ago in Silicon Valley as people trying to get funding for start-ups with no possible revenue-generating prospects started calling their idiotic projects ‘market disruptors’.

The word entered the political world in 2016 as Republican pundits use it to label Donald Trump to compensate for his utter lack of policies, political knowledge, basic civility or self-awareness.

In Leicester, insurance broker and complete tosspot Simon Williams confirmed he had ceased to claim he was ‘a laugh a minute’ and confirmed he was now ‘just trying to make people think’.

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