Woman who said “don’t get me anything for Valentine’s Day” bizarrely furious

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A woman is absolutely fuming today after her partner followed her strict instructions to the letter.

Hayley Rice, 28, was asked back in January by her partner, Simon Williams, what she would like to do and/or receive for Valentine’s Day.

“And I said oh, don’t get me anything,” confirmed Hayley Rice.

“And he hasn’t got me anything. I could stab him, I really could.

“My other friends, who also very clearly said they didn’t want anything, have received flowers, luxury bath sets and diamond necklaces.

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“Why am I stuck with the pleb who doesn’t realise ‘nothing’ means ‘something lovely and thoughtful’?”

Williams commented, “I am confident in the notion that this isn’t actually my fault.

“I’d set aside two hundred pounds to fulfil any potential Valentine’s requests, but no such requests were forthcoming.

“So, in light of that, and in light of my girlfriend’s foul mood regarding the fact that I did exactly what she asked, I’m taking that two hundred pounds to the race track to have a lovely day by myself.

“Saying the opposite of what you mean isn’t cute, it’s just annoying.”

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