Tommy Lee Royce offered job in Met Police

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Tommy Lee Royce has been offered a job in the Metropolitan Police it has been revealed today.

Royce, who is currently on the run in the north of England has been offered the role this morning as part of the Met Police’s ongoing commitment to recruiting twisted criminals to be part of the force.

A spokesman for the Met confirmed, “He’s just what we are looking for and will fit right in.

“We can confirm today that Tommy Lee Royce will be joining the front line of the Metropolitan Police with immediate effect.

“Obviously this may be considered a controversial decision, considering that he is currently on the run following a serious of sick and twisted crimes.

“But to be honest, we’ve probably got worse in there working for us, we don’t really know, because our vetting system is f**ked.

“We are confident, however, that he will behave himself and do an amazing job at keeping the public safe, because he promised and said he’d never done anything wrong.”

Asked if they would also consider employing Catherine Cawood as part of the team we were told “God no  -she’d be far too much hassle”