I once drove past a state school – Rishi Sunak

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Rishi Sunak has revealed today that he once drove past an actual state school with his children. 

With the Prime Minister earlier claiming he is registered with an NHS GP, which he obviously doesn’t use, further claims have now been made that he once drove past a state school in London and even once saw a picture of an NHS dentist. 

Speaking earlier he revealed, “We actually went past the school pretty quickly if I’m honest, but we definitely went quite close to one.

“I can confirm that I am registered with an NHS GP, which I never use of course, as you can’t get through to them.

“And I once hurried past a real-life state school with my children, which is almost like I sent them there, god forbid. 

“So I am therefore a man of the people and just like everyone else and people need to stop being mean to me and saying that I am completely out of touch with reality.”

Asked if he knows how much a loaf of bread is he told us, “Erm… seven thousand pounds or something? Who cares, my butler does the shopping in the Bentley.”