Nation shocked as man who lied under oath to a judge accused of spreading misinformation

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Andrew Bridgen, a Tory MP so bereft of ethical integrity that he was condemned by a judge for lying under oath, has been suspended by the party for spreading dangerous misinformation.

The North West Leicestershire MP posted tweets that compared the vaccine program to the Holocaust, as he steps up attempts to prepare for his post-politics career of grifting simpletons.

A spokesperson for the Tory whip told us, “There comes a point where a Tory MP does something so indefensible that we have to take action and remove the whip from that MP – and no, lying to a judge while under oath is not it.

“If simply telling lies were enough to see a Tory MP have the whip removed then half the government benches would be empty.

“It’s more of a totting up process really. And Andrew Bridgen has a lot of points now. I mean, a lot.”

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Free thinker Simon Williams said it was against free speech and the Magna Carta for Bridgen to be punished just for asking questions.

He went on, “It’s a disgrace. These days you can’t even share highly misleading, poorly reviewed and often downright false evidence without all of the wokeys trying to cancel you.

“And still you people insist cancel culture isn’t real.”