It’s great that we’re making strikes illegal, insist Brexiters who promised that leaving the EU would ensure greater protections for British workers

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As the government moves ever close to making strike action illegal for millions of British workers, the move has been celebrated by many Brexiters who insisted leaving the EU would ensure greater protections for British workers.

The new bill, published yesterday, will give employers the right to sack workers if they withhold labour during an industrial dispute, a move that many leading Brexit supporters are hailing as “a great victory for the British workforce.”

Backbench Tory MP and staunch Brexit supporter Simon Williams told us, “Back in 2016 when I said that leaving the EU would improve workers’ rights, this is exactly what I meant.

“If a British worker feels they are being treated unfairly by their employer, then those workers will no longer be subjected to endless hours on cold picket lines during the dreary winter months, and will instead find themselves back at work, in moderately heated environments.

“Or, if they prefer, at the job centre looking for alternative employment. In my book that’s the very definition of a win for the workers!”

Non-moron Derek Matthews told us, “So I guess we can add ‘protecting the rights of British workers’ to the list of entirely predictable Brexit lies?

“They didn’t even need to put this one on a bus.”