Scarborough Walrus resumes hunt for Prime energy drink

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A walrus which popped up in Scarborough last week has arrived in the country to find a Prime energy drink, it has emerged. 

The drinks, a venture by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, have been met with phenomenal demand, with stores selling out of the product within minutes of their doors being opened. 

Parents have taken to social media to tell their tales as they seek to get them for their kids, and Thor the Walrus has joined their ranks.

Thor, a doting father of two, has ventured from the Arctic in an attempt to find the much sought-after product for his sons.

He said, “I don’t have a clue what they’re about to be honest. I’ve only ever known fish and crabs but apparently, Prime is the one thing to have. I don’t like my kids to go without so I thought I’d come to Scarborough to have a look.

“I’ve been queuing and rushing into shops but they’re always sold out. I’ll keep trying, though.”

Scarborough’s New Year’s Eve fireworks display was cancelled due to concerns that the noise could alarm Thor, but the plucky mammal said this needn’t have been the case.

He said, “My sons told me they wanted a bloody £2 energy drink to make them happy, a few fireworks can’t really alarm me after that.”