‘I want my father and brother back’ explains Prince Harry, ‘But my uncle? No, not so much’

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Prince Harry has insisted today that he wants to have his father back, and his brother. Not so much his uncle though, obviously.  

With Harry performing a series of interviews ahead of the release of his autobiography, the Prince has said he does want to be part of a family again, with his father and brother, but not his father’s brother because, well, you know.  

Speaking earlier he said, “I want my family back, well most of them anyway.

“Obviously I want to have a relationship with my brother again, and my father.

“Not necessarily my uncle though because you know, the whole ‘possibly being a nonce’ thing, which isn’t really on brand for me these days.

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“But everyone else, yes, definitely.  

“Oh apart from that assistant too. You know the one who’s a bit racist.

“But other than that yes, great bunch. Miss em loads!”