Gary Neville should not mention nurses’ pay on TV insists everyo… err….no, actually it’s just Tories

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Gary Neville should not be allowed to mention workers’ rights, and nurses pay on live TV according to… well… pretty much just Tories. 

With the plight of migrant workers both home and abroad briefly highlighted by the pundit during last Sunday night’s World Cup final, Neville should definitely NOT have been allowed mention anything ‘political’ according to thousands of… Tories… just Tories. 

Tory Simon Williams from Surrey raged, “How dare he highlight inequalities of any kind on national TV.

“These kinds of things should be flatly ignored because they don’t affect the rich and to mention them during the World Cup is an absolute disgrace. 

“Particularly when specifically asked about the impact of the World Cup in the context of migrant workers, he should have just said the score and that Messi played well or something.

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“We don’t need him going on about millions of workers not being treated fairly by our government, as this will just remind people that millions of workers are not being treated fairly by our government. 

“And I like to ignore that because we are Tories. 

“He should stick to football and let politicians stick to politics. Like Matt Hancock does.”