Free speech means Jeremy Clarkson should be free to say whatever he likes, insists man who has spent 18 months telling Harry and Meghan to shut up

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Free speech means people like Jeremy Clarkson should be free to express any opinion they like, according to a man who has spent the best part of two years loudly calling for Harry and Meghan to “shut the hell up” whenever they open their mouths.

Darren Williams, a ‘YouTube personality’ who makes a living out of humiliating himself online, has today insisted Jeremy Clarkson has nothing to apologise for, because ‘free speech’ means sometimes people won’t like the things you say, and that’s the price you pay in a civilised society.

However, that free speech apparently doesn’t apply to Harry and Meghan, who he has repeatedly insisted should put a sock in it at every opportunity.

Williams explained, “Supporters of free speech should get behind Jeremy Clarkson 100%. The fact that people are calling for consequences just because he expressed an unpopular opinion is awful. It’s borderline communism, basically.

“People will point to my YouTube video titled ‘Why Harry and Meghan should shut up and go away’ as an example of me being against free speech, but that’s just cherry-picking. You can prove anything with the words people have said.

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“There is nothing hypocritical about my vociferous defence of Jeremy Clarkson today, and my ongoing mission to ensure Meghan crawls back under a rock to live in silence.

“There is nothing sexist about. It just so happens that Jeremy is a white man who likes cars and says many things I agree with, while Meghan is… well… you know.”