Man accused of ruining Christmas with utterly selfish attempts to help other people keep their jobs

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A man has been accused of ruining Christmas it is revealed today, by trying to keep thousands of people in employment and securing acceptable working conditions. 

Mick Lynch, who is spoiling it for everyone, was accused of being the Christmas Grinch earlier after trying negotiate a fair deal for rail workers so that they won’t be unemployed.

Banker Simon Williams, who isn’t at risk of losing his job declared, “He’s scum. He’s ruining Christmas, and I hate him.

“How can they announce any rail strikes right before Christmas? I might want to do a bit of shopping on that day.

“Or need to get into the office, where I work in my secure and well-paid job.

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“This isn’t what Christmas is about. It’s never been about acting in the interests of other people even if it means you personally get widely criticised. It’s about stuff. Buying stuff. Getting stuff.

“The only reason he would do this is to completely ruin Christmas and no other reason at all. 

“I just hope he comes to his senses and tells all of these rail workers to stop being a pain and do as they are bloody told.”

Asked if he is at risk of losing his job he told us, “Good no! And thank God for that, it would completely ruin Christmas.”