Cristiano Ronaldo smashes Premier League record for sulks per week

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Cristiano Ronaldo has smashed his previous record of sulks per week following Manchester United’s defeat to Aston Villa at the weekend.

The Portuguese star has hit the headlines over the last few months, due to numerous fallouts behind the scenes at Old Trafford.

But the Number 7 has now something to smile about: by smashing his own record of sulks per week, with a whopping 26.

Cristiano first started off his week by sulking about having to eat store-branded cornflakes rather than Kellogg’s, which was quickly followed by the news that one of his promotional ties had been severed.

Upon the news that the number of commercial deals he has had dropped to a mere 344, he fell into an ultimate sulk, which lasted much of the week.

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A spokesman for Guinness World Records said, “It takes some effort to complete a challenge like this, but we commend Cristiano for breaking his own record.

“He looked like he wasn’t going to beat it, but then pulled out a last-minute winner, by sulking after realising he had been wearing his socks inside-out all game yesterday. Truly phenomenal.”