Liz Truss expected to announce a U-turn on her right-wing views and rejoin Lib Dems

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Liz Truss is to announce her biggest U-turn yet at a hastily convened press conference, it has emerged.

This month’s Tory leader has called a press conference for later today in which, following an evident sudden onset of rationality, empathy and compassion, she will reveal that she is to leave the Conservative Party and rejoin the Liberal Democrats.

“Out of the many U-turns she has enacted in the last few hours, days and weeks, this will be her most significant one yet,” political commentator Simon Williams told us.

“Although thinking about it, her veering away from the liberal views of her youth towards becoming a puppet of the far-right elements of the Tory party would have been her biggest U-turn, and a massive disappointment to her family in the process, so perhaps it’s not so much a U-turn as an attempt to be invited to her folks’ for Christmas for the first time in twenty years?”

Liberal Democrat spokesperson Christopher James told us, “Liz Truss? THE Liz Truss? No, we don’t want her, thanks. 

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“The best thing she can do for the Lib Dems or Labour is to stay in post until after the next general election.”

He explained, “We’ll be voting by candlelight at the local food and warm bank, but we’re going to absolutely storm it!”