Liz Truss successfully puts on her own shoes

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Number 10 has announced that Prime Minister Liz Truss successfully put on her own shoes this morning.

Ms Truss has been trying, without success, to put on her own shoes for some forty years now, which makes her achievement all the more impressive.

“She actually came very close to putting on her own shoes in that cold winter a few years ago,” said an aide.

“Sadly, she got a bit confused with the laces and accidentally set fire to the bin.”

Ms Truss managed to put on her own shoes at approximately 7.20am this morning before going to work at an attempt to mitigate whatever catastrophe she’d caused yesterday.

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“I met her at her door, as usual, to help put on her shoes but she slapped me away and said ‘no Nigel, this time I really think I can do it,” continued the aide.

“Sure enough, forty short minutes later, she was standing there proudly in her shoes without any help at all.

“I gave her a little clap and we went downstairs.

“I can only hope she masters wiping her own arse soon,” he added.

The announcement that Ms Truss has successfully put on her own shoes has seen her political stock rise, with many people now believing her new-found talent makes her the most successful Tory leader in ten years.

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