Government pledges ‘same day’ GP appointments for anyone successfully spending four days on hold for the receptionist

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The government today pledged to improve access to GPs in England, including ‘same day’ appointments for anyone lucky enough to actually reach a receptionist in order to book one. 

Health Secretary Therese Coffey will unveil her plans for improvements in GP waiting times later, which could see patients able to book an appointment to see their GP on the same day that they speak to the surgery, which will be just a few short days after they initially call due to being on hold or hearing a perpetual engaged tone. 

Commenting on the news earlier, patient Simon Williams, who has been on hold to his GP surgery since Tuesday told us “This is great news, a real step forward!

“As soon as I manage to get through to the surgery, I will definitely book my appointment, which will hopefully only be in another few hours, or possibly a day or so.

“I’m actually number three thousand two hundred and forty-seven in the queue now, so I’m getting there. It shouldn’t be too much longer.

“Hopefully a few people will drop out too, or maybe just die whilst they are on hold, which will bump me up the queue, as long as they manage to hang up first of course.

“It’s just great to know that I will actually get in to see a doctor as a priority when I need to.

“I just need to fully explain to the receptionist what my symptoms are and that I …. OH SHIT FUCK SAKE! I’ve just been cut off!”