Fears increasingly desperate UK government could move to all-out war against the British people

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There are fears that an increasingly desperate and deranged UK government could soon move to a state of out-and-out war against the British people.

For some time now, the UK Government surprised and shocked the world with a series of measures – Brexit, defunding the NHS, selling off Channel 4 – seemingly designed to break the spirit of the British people.

To the surprise of many, that spirit has remained unbroken and now, as a desperate and unstable government finds itself backed into a wall, there are fears that, feeling unable to back down, it will launch an all-out war against the British people.

“It’s hard to tell what’s going on in the inner circle of the Tories,” explained UK Government expert Simon Williams

“The party is clearly unstable, ministers are changed every few months, they’ve just installed their first openly mad Prime Minister, they’re talking about fracking again, like it’s something viable in this country.

“It’s tempting to see them as simply a comical collection of racists and fools, but we should always remember that they have nothing really to lose and could lash out at any time. I think there is a very real fear that, given their humiliating failure to crush the British people, they could just send in the troops and declare all-out war.”

Despite Mr Williams concerns, there is comfort in the fact that even if the government does launch an all-out war, it’s so stupid and incompetent that it’ll ending up directing the whole army into Belgium or the sea, and any potential for war, like economic recovery, will simply fade away.