Donald Trump can have the empty jail cell he was saving for me, offers Hillary Clinton

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Hillary Clinton has offered Donald Trump the room that he had previously promised his supporters that he would put her in.

The former reality TV star is facing almost certain jail time for nicking classified documents from the Oval Office and leaving them strewn around Mar-a-Lago, and so Hillary Clinton has kindly offered that if he finds himself imprisoned, then he can happily have the cell he had prepared for her.

“Ah, I remember those heady days of the 2016 debates,” she said wistfully to the press gathered outside her house.

“All that talk about how if he was President I’d be in jail, and all his followers chanting ‘lock her up’ whenever I was mentioned. Such great times.”

She added, “Still, I find myself not actually imprisoned, given that I didn’t collude with Russia, break any election spending laws, pay hush money to adult movies stars, contact Ukraine to dig up dirt on my opponent’s son, attempt to steal an election, or take classified documents my unsecured golf club, so I think it is only fair to offer the room that Donald clearly had ready for me in prison back to him.

“I’m sure it was a perfectly decent room, and will certainly be better and more high-class than any within Mar-a-Lago itself.”

Donald Trump has responded by saying he won’t be going to jail as he has his best lawyer on the case, or at least he will have when he manages to find someone to replace his string of former and now convicted ‘best’ lawyers.