Premier League to allow teams to play two goalkeepers when facing Man City

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The Premier League has hastily introduced a new rule that will allow opposition teams to field two goalkeepers when playing against Manchester City.

As the free-scoring champions and their new centre-forward, Erling Haaland, continue to make a mockery of what other teams loosely term their ‘defence’, the league has stepped in.

Premier League spokesperson Simon Williams told us, “It is encumbent upon us to ensure that the Premier League remains the most entertaining and competitive league in the world, and that’s proving difficult now that City’s Haaland has effectively become a cheat code for an already successful team.

“We have to take steps to level the playing field, and we believe the best way to do this is to allow teams playing Man City to have two goalkeepers.

“The new rule will start with today’s game against Aston Villa, where Steven Gerrard’s side will be allowed the regulation ten outfield players, but Emi Martinez will be joined in goal by Robin Olsen.

“We expect these steps to reduce Manchester City’s margin of victory to no more than four goals.

“If this doesn’t work, then next week Erling Haaland will have to play with one leg tied to Jack Grealish.”