‘But I only need another 347 players’ insists man £800 down already on the World Cup Panini sticker album

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A man who has spent £820 on his World Cup 2022 Panini sticker album so far has insisted today that the album is nearly completed, with just 347 players to find.

Simon Williams, who also still has five packs to open today, insisted that he needs to continue his album after finally getting two players he didn’t already have after opening another ten packs this morning. 

Speaking earlier he told us, “Nearly there. I can’t give up now.

“Has anyone got any Mexican players as I’m really struggling there? I’ve only got the keeper and it’s really doing my head in.

“I really think I can get this album completed by November, just in time for the tournament, and it will only cost me approximately four thousand pounds I reckon, which is a complete and utter bargain.

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“Obviously there are better things I could spend my money on, such as food and heating, but you can’t beat that feeling of finally completing a full Panini sticker album.

“It’s really a sense of achievement and you can show it to all your mates, if you have any, which unfortunately I don’t.”

Asked if he has ever actually completed an album we were told, “I was really close once in 1986, just needed Gordon Strachan. And thirty-seven other players.”

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