Russian glazing contractors criticised after yet another failed installation

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After yet another prominent critic of Vladimir Putin accidentally tumbled out of a high window, glazing contractors in Russia are been encouraged to make sure their professional qualifications are up to date.

Training of window fitters across the country has come under scrutiny in recent years after a spate of similar accidents, in which people lying in bed or sitting watching TV suddenly flew across the room and through a closed window without any assistance whatsoever.

With the cause being inexplicable, investigators have turned their gaze upon shoddy glazing installations making it easy for people to slip and tumble out of 14th floor windows in numbers unknown in any other country.

“There’s always a risk in tall buildings of someone leaving a banana skin next to an invitingly open casement window”, said Simonov Williamsovitch of the Aperture Association of Russia, Groundwork and Highrise (AARGH).

“If installers try and blame others rather than take full responsibility for these accidents or they could start to have similar accidents themselves.”

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When asked, local contractor Anton Petrov said “It’s my fault, it was me! Oh, please, I’ll say anything just don’t let go!”