Placard makers vote to strike over exhausting work schedule

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Placard makers have voted to go on an all out strike today due to being completely overworked and utterly exhausted. 

With almost every large company in the UK now threatening to strike, placard makers across the country, who have been working 18 hour days for the last three months to keep up with demand, have finally had enough and decided to go on strike. 

Placard maker Simon Williams from Felixstowe confirmed, “I’m knackered man, I can’t take any more.

“The placard making community have voted unanimously in favour of strike action, due to unprecedented amounts of strike action making us completely overworked and utterly exhausted.

“We simply cannot keep up with the demand of strike placards, and we are getting no help from the government who quite frankly are making matters worse, thus needing more strike placards.

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“We therefore have no option but to call an immediate strike in order to address the issue and hopefully reduce the pressure on this industry’s overworked and underpaid employees.”

Asked how they intend to make their voices heard and bring the matter to the public attention we were told, “We are going to make a load of strike placards and stand in the street telling pe….. oh fuck. Everyone back in.”

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