Harry Maguire moves to trademark signature facepalm pose

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After Usain Bolt moved to trademark his legendary victory pose, Manchester United defender Harry Maguire announced plans to trademark his own signature facepalm.

With news emerging earlier that Bolt plans to use his trademarked pose for a range of marketing products, footballer Harry Maguire has immediately followed suit by trademarking his very own go to pose, the one often seen after conceding another goal or passing the ball into the crowd. 

Marketing agent Simon Williams confirmed, “It’s unmistakably Harry’s pose. Entirely his, and his alone.

“My client has submitted an application to trademark his legendary facepalm pose which he adopts throughout most of his appearances whenever he makes a mistake which leads to conceding a goal.

“Obviously the pose is also used for a number of other moments, such as wayward passes, lining up players at the wrong side in his own tunnel, giving away unnecessary fouls and generally being shit.

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“The pose will be used to market a number of products each baring the silhouette of a man in despair with his head down and one hand by his side with the other hand covering his face.

“His fans are going to love it, and we have no doubt that it will make him a fortune in revenue.”

Asked if there are any other plans for Manchester United players to trademark any poses we were told “Bruno Fernandes has asked if we can do one of him rolling on the floor crying over nothing before moaning at the referee for an hour, but it’s really difficult to draw.”

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