Office staff living in fear of coworker who spent seven years talking about Game of Thrones

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The release of House of the Dragon has led to staff at Grant Pritchett & Collier PLC living in terror of the inevitable show recaps from coworker Simon Williams.

Simon, who appeared to have no other topics of conversation for seven or was it eight years, it seemed like longer, had shut up about topless women and dragons since 2019 – but his fellow workers are concerned that’s all going to start up again.

“I just couldn’t get into it. I tried a couple of episodes at the start, when that guy out of Aquaman had his shirt off a lot and another guy had his head cooked for some reason, but it just didn’t do it for me after the shirtless guy went away,” said team manager Jessica Regan.

“But Simon? Ooooh, dear me no. It seemed like every week for years he’d be asking if I’d seen it and what I thought of Darren the Dragon and the pixie princess and her seven dwarfs or whatever they were called.

“At least he’s learned that we don’t want to hear about his Warhamster tournaments, but as this new thing is on telly he’s thinks we’ll be into it as well.

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“I just want a quick catch-up about Love Island and Strictly and then get on with work. I don’t want a meme of some guy saying he thinks and drinks or whatever it was sending to me twice a day like it’s the best joke ever.”

When told that Amazon has a Warhammer TV series in production Simone started to cry.