“That’s just Ezra being Ezra!” pleads DC Films as Ezra Miller burns down puppy orphanage

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DC Films has called Ezra Miller a ‘silly little goofball’ after the actor burnt down a puppy orphanage.

Ezra Miller is due to appear as The Flash next year, but has been hit by a string of legal troubles, including accusations of assault, burglary and grooming minors.

They have now been accused of burning down a puppy orphanage, having been arrested while attempting to shoot-up a kitty nursery following the attack.

The attack in Singapore happened over the weekend, and the actor is currently locked up in jail.

Some have become worried that the long-awaited Flash film could be in jeopardy, but film bosses have been quick to stop any worries.

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A DC Films spokesman said, “What can you say? That’s just Ezra! They are a silly little goofball, like most actors here in Hollywood. They have got a strong personality – I get that. But it won’t nearly be as strong as our box office receipts if we release this film!”

When pressed on the puppy orphanage arson, the spokesman added, “Look, no-one gets everything right all of the time. But, as an act of goodwill, we would like to offer all surviving puppies a free ticket to see The Flash next year. How’s that for ya?”