I.T. department finds Dream of the Endless living in their storeroom

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Dream of the Endless, Lord Shaper, King of the Nightmare Realm and Monarch of the Sleeping Marches has taken up residence in the storeroom of a local company’s IT department, it has emerged.

Dream, who mopes around the place and is given to spending stretches of eternity in a massive sulk about pretty much anything, was found when employee Maurice Moss was looking for a new spiral-bound notepad with lined pages.

Lined pages, not blank ones, thank you.

“It took us a while to realise it wasn’t Richmond any more as this sort of thing just happens round here, but we realised eventually our new lodger was even more annoying and less helpful than Richmond was”, department head Jen Barber said.

Reports indicate that Morpheus was trying to rebuild his realm in the basement of Reynholm industries but soon noticed that if you work in Corporate IT all your dreams will have long since died and there wasn’t much he could do.

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“Dream said he was trying to rebuild his Kingdom, which had been ravaged by a century of inattention of abuse”, Maurice told us.

“So Roy asked if he’d tried turning it off and on again and Morpheus inflicted a lifetime of waking terror upon him in a single night, which seemed an overreaction but is apparently par for the course for the King of Dreams.”

“And it was happening to Roy, so it was funny.”