Flu-style seasonal Covid vaccine enrages simpleton who spent last two years insisting Covid is ‘just the Flu’

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Covid is basically the flu, but we definitely shouldn’t be treating it the same way we treat flu, according the Internet’s great thinkers today.

Several experts in the field of health, virology and medical research warned of an impending wave of covid-19 cases in Autumn and the need for a seasonal vaccine booster in the coming weeks.

However, noted health, virology, medical research and hygiene skeptic Simon Williams was on-hand to offer a strong rebuttal.

Taking to twitter and several Wetherspoons urinals to announce his views, Williams claimed to be through the looking glass of big pharma, telling us, “These companies aren’t just investing billions in research, labour, manufacturing and distribution as an act of charity.

“They’re expecting to earn money.

“Let that sink in.” He added with a sage pause.

Williams, who regularly claimed all mainstream media coverage was for ‘sheeple’, cited the mainstream media’s relative lack of covid coverage as proof this jab was simply a means of control.

He went on, “Reported deaths of Covid has plummeted this last year or so. Given these figures, why is there even a need for this seasonal jab? It’s just another payday for big pharma.”

When quizzed on the introduction of the Covid vaccines and the corresponding fall in deaths he previously referenced, Williams said, “Well you could very easily say the same thing about the flu jab, look what a cash cow that is,” again, pausing sagely.

At press time, Williams was heard to be whispering “Sheeple” behind this correspondent’s back.