‘BJ the Prime Minister’ now a verb as well as noun

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The Oxford English Dictionary has added a second definition to ‘BJ the Prime Minister’ after it was revealed to also be a verb as well as a noun.

Lexicographer, Simon Williams, said, “Whilst it took us a very long time to add the noun definition into the dictionary on account of it being, frankly, simultaneously nonsensical and unbelievable, we did eventually allow it, under duress.

“However, the verb definition makes much more sense when you think about it, and also needn’t just apply to this particular Prime Minister.

“It’s yet another reason for the country to be completely fucked off: which is only a single letter away from what happened to the Prime Minister. Allegedly.”

Backstreet legal expert, Christopher James, said, “With an inquiry about the current Prime Minister due to take place, his former mistress is particularly concerned now that she may be called to provide oral evidence.”