Thomas the Tank Engine branded a ‘scab’ after turning up for work as normal

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Thomas the Tank Engine has been branded a ‘fucking scab’ by his colleagues today after turning up for work on time as normal and refusing to go on strike. 

With the biggest national rail strike for 30 years now underway, thousands of rail workers have begun the first of three days of action in a dispute over pay and conditions, apart from Thomas, the dirty scab who is apparently paid so much he is happy with his wages.

Speaking earlier colleague Percy told us, “Fucking scab.

“I knew he’d turn up for work, the self- entitled prick. It’s only because he gets paid the most and thinks he’s the big shot and nobody else matters.

“Look we are taking this action for a good reason, and everyone is on board, including James, Edward and Emily, and that fat bastard controller who we are not allowed to call fat anymore because it’s all gone a bit P.C.

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“But Thomas has to turn up for work on time because he doesn’t want to upset anyone, he makes me physically sick, I can’t look him in the eye.

“Where is the solidarity? How can he hold his head up next time he sees Henry, after all the adventures we’ve all been through.”

Asked to comment on the criticism earlier Thomas told us, “I think we are paid reasonably well to be honest. Plus between you and me, I’m a bit of a Tory, so these Unions… urgh…”