Energy company bosses warn hundreds of executives’ families at risk of falling into Fuel Wealth

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Energy company bosses are warning the government that hundreds – if not thousands – of energy company executives’ families are at risk of falling into serious Fuel Wealth in the upcoming months.

Utility analyst Simon Williams said, “Fuel Wealth is not often reported, but is becoming a serious problem, with up to 40% of executives’ relatives expected to find themselves inadvertently on The Sunday Times’ Rich List.

“They may even knock Rishi Sunak off it.

“Oil execs’ household staff may find themselves forced into buying many tonnes of unnecessary smoked salmon and beluga caviar, as they attempt to spend the minimum requisite housekeeping budget.

“We need the government to look at this very soon, as if they don’t act before the fuel cap rise in October, we may be forced to invent a new word that means ‘more than obscenely rich’, and we don’t – at present – have that capacity.

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“This is a serious problem, as some energy company executives may find people dying this Winter, as family members overheat unable to burn the fifty pound notes pouring in through the letterbox fast enough.”

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