Downing Street to release ‘Karaoke Lockdown Party Hits’ album

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Downing Street have released their very own ‘Karaoke Lockdown Party Hits’ album it is revealed today to celebrate the amazing times they had at Number 10 during lockdown. 

The album, inspired by booze-filled illegal karaoke parties at Downing Street which has been released this morning is expected to go straight to number one in the charts with a mix of everyone’s favourite karaoke classics previously sung by Downing Street staff whilst everyone was in lockdown. 

A spokesperson for Number 10 confirmed, “We think the public will love this.

“The album really captures the spirit of the pandemic, for us anyway, because we just partied our way through the whole thing and got on the karaoke machine.

“It’s a real trip down memory lane for everyone involved and there’s some real classics on there that I think the nation will enjoy, because we certainly did.

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“Songs such as ‘Fuck Tha Police’ and ‘Fight For Your Right To Party’ will go down a treat obviously along with the epic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ to keep the party going well into the night.

“Before concluding with the Prime Ministers favourite to round off the album and really get the nation singing with the classic hit ‘I Will Survive’.”

Proceeds from the album, which is available to download on Spotify, will go towards a brand new karaoke machine for Downing Street and the costs of cleaning up the sick from the carpet.

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