Met Police to begin emailing drug dealers and robbers to ask if they have committed any crimes recently

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The Metropolitan Police is to email up to fifty known drug dealers and robbers as part of its investigation into drug dealing and robbing in the capital.

A questionnaire will be sent to people alleged to have dealt drugs or robbed a post office during the last 12 months and ‘must be answered truthfully’ according to the Met.

Detailing the move Dame Cressida Dick confirmed, “This will definitely catch ’em.

“We are aware of a number of instances of drug dealing and indeed robbery within the capital where we know who the perpetrators are.

“So we have decided to fully investigate the matter by emailing the people involved and asking them what happened.

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“Each individual will receive a short questionnaire asking a number of important questions such as ‘did you rob anyone?’ ‘Did you deal drugs’ and most importantly ‘have any of your friends dealt any drugs’.

“Obviously it’s imperative that the criminals are completely honest with their answers in order for us to decide what action to take, but why would anyone guilty of a crime want to lie about it?”

Asked if it might just be better to gather the evidence themselves in order to get the facts of the case without relying on people admitting to a crime in an email we were told, “Did you not hear us properly, we’ve told them they have to be honest.”